Fantastic Attorney!

Shawn Goldstein is a straightforward, prepared attorney.

When I hired the firm he worked for, Shawn was one of the attorneys on my case. However, he ultimately became THE attorney I consulted with on every aspect of the case.

During the legal process, Shawn helped with referrals to financial managers, accountants and estate planners/lawyers.

He always made sure I understood what was going on in the case and that I was comfortable with the details.

6+ years later, I am still consulting and using Shawn to help me with other legal issues, beyond what he was originally hired to guide me through.

I strongly recommend Shawn Goldstein. He makes himself available to his clients, during and after business hours, whether by phone, text or email.

– Lisa

Professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

A divorce is one of the most painful and difficult decisions that a person can experience. In my case, I was very fortunate to have an attorney as caring, ethical and professional as Shawn.

He was very supportive and efficient with all the processes during this entire ordeal. He helped me to know the various legal paths for the divorce and the ones that would lead to the most effective and positive results.

I am very thankful for all his knowledge, professionalism, excellent communication and fast response to all my questions and needs. I highly recommend to use his services for anyone undergoing divorce.

Shawn, thanks for your hard work and dedication!

– Alejandra

Cant say enough about how glad I am that he was my lawyer.

Besides approaching our divorce with the highest professionalism and excellence, Shawn actually cared. He was so much more than a lawyer representing me; he was a person that exhausted all resources to come up with amicable solutions to the complex issues that arose in our divorce.

Not only he was entrenched in all of the intricacies of the law, but he was also entrenched in all of the intricacies of my case. It seemed almost surreal that someone with such high levels of understanding of family law not only took the time, but also assured that all of the details of my divorce were addressed.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Shawn to represent anyone that I care for in any matter related to family law. I’m sure anyone who was represented by Shawn would also agree.

– Andres

Sincere, Sharp and Caring.

Thank God I found Shawn when I divorced my narcissistic husband! Shawn is an expert in handling cases with high conflict personalities. My ex lied through the entire proceedings, but Shawn is thorough and analytical. He looked at my case from every angle and paid close attention to details.

I realized that every piece of paper and email that I sent to him, he read! He always explained the pros and cons each step of the way, and kept me informed. He anticipated every direction/position the other side would try to take. I was amazed how caring he was from start to finish and how he handled my difficult situation.

Shawn shines in court! I nearly felt sorry for the opposing counsel. He presented the facts to the judge in a way she could understand. She was swayed by his presentation and knowledge of the case; he did not let one thing slip by. In court, Shawn displayed exceptional recall and remembered the smallest of details. I am forever thankful to him for all he has done for me and my children.

– Michelle

Great experience.

Shawn assisted me with a prenuptial agreement. He was very pleasant to work with, very professional and provided excellent legal advise. Shawn would be very good to work with on cases that require expert legal counsel and sensitivity. I Highly recommend him.

– Michelle

More than I expected.

Shawn guided me through every step of my divorce. He kept me informed, responded quickly, & exceeded all my expectations. I hope to never call him again, however I would not hesitate. He is confident, experienced, and got the job done. He delivered more than I expected.
Thanks Shawn!

– Ryan P.

Great Family Law Attorney that Cares.

Shawn handled my hotly contested divorce from start to finish against one of the most well known divorce attorneys in town. He is one of the smartest attorneys I know and has a very analytical and strategic legal mind.

His exemplary abilities led to a great result with joint physical custody of my children and a financial settlement that was reasonable. Above all though, Shawn is an attorney that cares about his clients, which is what I believe sets him apart from other members of his field.

I have referred, and continue to refer, friends and acquaintances to Shawn who are in need of a talented and aggressive family law attorney.

– Frank


Shawn Goldstein is an AMAZING lawyer! I can’t thank Shawn enough for everything that he has done for my family and I. Shawn went above and beyond to see my case through and was very pleasant to work with. He is a very knowledgeable, and a reliable attorney! I HIGHLY recommend Shawn!

– Erin


Shawn is by far the most professional lawyer I have ever dealt with. He is hard working, honest, responds in a timely manner, and gives great advice. I would HIGHLY suggest him to all my friends and family.

– Kevin