Annulling Your Las Vegas Wedding

Many Las Vegas weddings see the happy couple live happily ever after. They are planned well in advance and turn out just as expected. Then there are the “other” ones. Spur of the moment decisions made when times are good, and reality is left back home. Many of these also turn out fine. But some […]

Pursuing High Net Worth Divorces in Las Vegas

In High Net Worth Divorces there are special considerations such as business valuations, prenuptial agreements, and any other related financial accounts. All assets must be addressed and settled, which, in a high net worth divorce, can take a great deal of time and expertise.

Divorce as an Older Couple: What to Know

It’s no secret that in today’s world, approximately half of the marriages in the United States end up in divorce. However, the divorcing parties are not always who one might expect. Nowadays, older couples are divorcing at a higher rate than many other age groups. This trend, often called “silver” or “gray” divorce, has come […]

Protecting Your Finances in Divorce

There are some things we go through in life that are just not particularly enjoyable, no matter what we do to make them better. Root canals, surgery, and divorce are just some examples. Going through a divorce, even an amicable one, is disruptive to one’s life and can also take a severe financial toll on the individuals involved. Finances are diligently assessed in order to divide assets equitably, or in the case of community property states like Nevada, equally. We all work hard to get ourselves financially better off, and during a divorce, it can seem as though one spouse is benefitting from his or her spouse’s efforts. There are some actions parties can take to protect their finances during a divorce.

How Do Nevada Divorce Mediations Work?

Couples such as those described above probably are not going to be good candidates for divorce mediation. But those who can discuss the matter civilly may find it to be a viable alternative to expensive and drawn out divorce proceedings.