Nevada is well-known for the ease with which you can get married – and divorced. The state’s laws concerning marriage and divorce are certainly less restrictive than in most other states but there are still rules to follow. Some people make bad decisions in the…
Jul 15 2021
Many Las Vegas weddings see the happy couple live happily ever after. They are planned well in advance and turn out just as expected. Then there are the “other” ones. Spur of the moment decisions made when times are good, and reality is left back…
Jun 01 2021
An accusation of (or conviction for) domestic violence might not just affect the rights and freedoms of the perpetrator in Nevada – it can affect the parenting of children too. The legal ramifications of a conviction may impact child custody cases, potentially resulting in the…
May 06 2021
In High Net Worth Divorces there are special considerations such as business valuations, prenuptial agreements, and any other related financial accounts. All assets must be addressed and settled, which, in a high net worth divorce, can take a great deal of time and expertise.
Aug 11 2016
It’s no secret that in today’s world, approximately half of the marriages in the United States end up in divorce. However, the divorcing parties are not always who one might expect. Nowadays, older couples are divorcing at a higher rate than many other age groups.…
Jul 26 2016
Las Vegas is a popular destination for weddings. (Reno is a popular destination for divorces, but that’s for another time.) Many celebrities get married in Vegas, and in 1988, this included former baseball star Barry Bonds. However, it’s not his wedding that made headlines as…
Marriage, as most of us know, can have its ups and downs. However, there are some behaviors that are strong indicators that it’s time to end the relationship once and for all. Domestic violence is an excellent example. Being in a marriage where you worry…
Jun 10 2016