Contested Divorce: What You Need to Know in Las Vegas

Unfortunately, divorces are rarely as straightforward as marriages in Las Vegas. They can take a high financial and emotional toll on those involved. If you file for divorce and it becomes contested and ends up at a trial with a judge deciding, the whole process can take many months or even years to finalize. In […]

Understanding Nevada Divorce Laws

Nevada is famous the world over for the ease of obtaining a marriage license but what about our divorce laws? People are generally a lot less clear on the regulations for ending a marriage and how to go about filing for divorce if you want to proceed. Unlike a Las Vegas marriage, no divorce in […]

How Soon Can You Divorce in Nevada?

Nevada is well-known for the ease with which you can get married – and divorced. The state’s laws concerning marriage and divorce are certainly less restrictive than in most other states but there are still rules to follow. Some people make bad decisions in the heat of the moment and want to reverse or annul […]

Annulling Your Las Vegas Wedding

Many Las Vegas weddings see the happy couple live happily ever after. They are planned well in advance and turn out just as expected. Then there are the “other” ones. Spur of the moment decisions made when times are good, and reality is left back home. Many of these also turn out fine. But some […]

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody in Nevada?

An accusation of (or conviction for) domestic violence might not just affect the rights and freedoms of the perpetrator in Nevada – it can affect the parenting of children too. The legal ramifications of a conviction may impact child custody cases, potentially resulting in the loss of physical and legal custody and even termination of parental rights in extreme cases.